Go Green Hornets!

Go Green Hornets!



Central Registration

The central registration department is responsible for all student intake and PIMS related tasks. 

Guidance and Career Readiness

Guidance and Career Readiness provides students with resources and information for the next step in life. 

Social Work

Stephanie Galloway-Maslanik, LCSW, RPT-S
814-669-4401 Ext. 4522/814-669-4422 Ext. 1520

Welcome to the School Social Worker's page. Here, you can find brochures/forms related to our Student Assistance Program (SAP) as well as other resources that promote students' social and emotional well-being and academic success. 

Student Services

Welcome to the Student Services department. Here you find information regarding Special Education including:  trainings, information regarding services, policies, and much more. You will also find information regarding Homelessness. 

If you have any questions please reach out to:

Lisa Coble
Director of Student Services
Elementary Principal



Michael Zinobile


Kyle Payne
Director Technology