JVSD Free Meals for ALL Children Program

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JVSD Free Meals for All Children

Beginning Monday, September 14th, Juniata Valley School District will make available free meals (breakfast and lunch) under the provisions of a USDA waiver that is scheduled to expire on December 31st, 2020, (or earlier of funds run out before that date).  All children (through age 18) who live in the Juniata Valley School District are eligible to participate, including preschoolers and children who are homeschooled or attend a charter or private school.  Children do not have to be approved for free or reduced meals to receive these lunches.  These lunches will be made available through December 22nd (the last scheduled school day before the Christmas break) or as long as the USDA program continues to be funded (if earlier).  The program will be offered during all forms of student attendance (fully on-site, the current hybrid model, or fully remote).

The free breakfast and lunch meals will be available to all students in attendance at JVSD (during the current hybrid model as well as the fully on-site model) during each student’s normal meal time and using the meal procedures put in place at the beginning of this school year.  As long as the student takes all of the required components to constitute a “reimbursable” meal under the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), the meal will be provided at no cost.  The only difference for students eating a meal on site will be that the student will not need to present his/her badge with barcode to be scanned into our system.  Any “ala carte” purchases will be charged to the student’s account according to the district’s current fee schedule.

While the district continues its hybrid model, students will be able to pick up “grab and go” meals to be taken home for those days that they will not be on site.  During a “normal” week under our hybrid model, students who attend on Monday or Tuesday will be able to take home two of each type of meal; students who attend on Thursday or Friday will be able to take home one of each type of meal.  It is essential that students take only one bag per student for each instructional day that they will be learning remotely.  The meals will be packaged in plastic bags, with each bag containing a breakfast and lunch.  In order to participate, a student will simply need to take a bag containing both types of meals at the end of the school day.  In the elementary school, the meals will be available in each student’s classroom.  In the high school, the meals will be available at the gym lobby and office exits to be picked up by students as they leave the building.

Should the district switch to a fully remote model (no students on site), meal pick-up procedures will be made available at that time.

For those children age 18 and under who do not attend our schools (pre-school, private school, charter school, homeschool), parents/guardians will be able to pick up five (5) days of meals on Monday afternoons at 2:00 p.m.  If you wish to participate, please complete the registration form available on the jvhornets.com website, or call Mrs. Tammy Vinglas, Food Service Director, at 669-1108.  The meals will be available for pickup at the high school cafeteria service entrance.  This door is located at the rear of the high school building between the district office and auditorium entrances.  Please park behind the auditorium and form a line (following current social distancing guidelines) outside the service door.

Please contact Mrs. Tammy Vinglas at 669-1108 with any questions regarding this program.

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